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The Artists

Randy Berrett

Randy Berrett joined Pixar Animation Studios in October 1996 as an artist on “Toy Story 2,” focusing on graphics, character design and sketch art. He continued as a sketch artist on “Monsters, Inc.,” an environment art director on “Finding Nemo,” and then as a matte painter on several feature films including “Cars,” “Ratatouille,” “Up,” “Toy Story 3,” “Cars 2,” “Brave,” and “Monsters University.” Read More

Sharon Calahan

Sharon Calahan joined Pixar Animation Studios in 1994 as lighting supervisor on the studio’s first feature film, “Toy Story.” She then served as director of photography on “A Bug's Life,” “Toy Story 2,” and the Academy Award®-winning features “Ratatouille” and “Finding Nemo.” She worked in the same role on Disney•Pixar’s Golden Globe®-nominated feature, “Cars 2.” Read More

Bill Cone

Bill Cone joined Pixar Animation Studios in 1992 as a freelancer. Cone was asked by John Lasseter to develop studies of neighborhoods for an animated Christmas television special for Disney, about toys that came to life. The TV special eventually became the groundbreaking animated feature film “Toy Story,” leading to a full-time position for Cone, as a set designer on the project. Read More

Pete Docter

Starting at Pixar in 1990 as the studio’s third animator, Docter collaborated with John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton in developing the story and characters for “Toy Story,” Pixar’s first full-length animated feature film, for which he also was supervising animator. He served as a storyboard artist on “A Bug’s Life,” and wrote initial story treatments for both “Toy Story 2” and “WALL•E.” Read More

Ralph Eggleston

Academy Award®-winning film maker Ralph Eggleston joined Pixar Animation Studios in 1992 as the art director of “Toy Story,” which earned him the International Animated Film Society’s Annie Award for Best Art Direction. Following “Toy Story,” he helped develop the treatment and screenplay for “Monsters, Inc.” Eggleston also wrote, designed and directed the Oscar®- and Annie-winning short film “For the Birds,” which was his directorial debut. Read More

Harley Jessup

Harley Jessup joined Pixar Animation Studios in May 1996 as production designer for the studio’s 2001 feature, “Monsters, Inc.” Jessup continued in this role for the Academy Award®-winning feature “Ratatouille,” and Golden Globe®-nominated “Cars 2.” As production designer, Jessup leads teams of artists who create and design the sets and characters for each film. Read More

Robert Kondo

Robert Kondo joined Pixar Animation Studios in July 2002, and worked as a sets art director on several of the studio’s feature films including Academy Award® and Golden Globe Award® winning “Ratatouille,” and “Monsters University.” In 2015, Kondo joined Pixar alumni Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi to start Tonko Sudios, and create the Academy Award© nominated short “The Dam Keeper.” Read More

Tia Kratter

Tia Kratter joined Pixar Animation Studios in April 1993 as a digital painter during production of the studio’s first feature film, “Toy Story.” She has subsequently held the shading art director role on “A Bug’s Life,” “Monsters, Inc.” and “Cars,” where she was responsible for specifying the color and texture of every object modeled for a film. Read More

Dominique R. Louis

Dominique Louis was the development art director on Pixar’s 2006 film RATATOUILLE. Louis joined Pixar in 1998. In addition to his work on RATATOUILLE, he served as an art director on MONSTERS, INC., did visual development work for FINDING NEMO and UP, and contributed to the shorts "The Adventures of Mr. Incredible," "Lifted," and "Mater and the Ghostlight." Louis also provided the voice of Bomb Voyage in THE INCREDIBLES. Read More

Daniel López Muñoz

Daniel López Muñoz began working at Pixar Animation Studios in January 2006. He worked specifically on Character Design for Disney•Pixar’s Academy Award®-winning animated film “Up,” and as a production designer on several projects in development. Prior to joining Pixar, López worked for Blue Sky Studios in Environmental Art Direction on “Ice Age,” and Visual Development for “Robots. Read More

City of the Dead

Ernesto Nemesio

Ernesto Nemesio, a native of Riverside, California, was hired at Pixar Animation Studios in July 2002 to work as a digial matte painter on Brad Bird’s Academy Award® winning feature “The Incredibles.” Nemesio has contributed to “Cars,” “Ratatouille,” “Up,” “Brave,” “Monsters University” and “Inside Out,” helping to study the colors and determine the palette for the films. Read More

Teddy Newton

Teddy Newton came to Pixar in July of 2000 to work on Pixar’s sixth feature film, “The Incredibles” and has since contributed his considerable character design skills to many of Disney•Pixar’s award-winning feature and short films, including “Ratatouille,” “Your Friend the Rat” and “Presto.” He was also instrumental in the creation of the end title sequences of “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille” and is frequently cast as a voice in Disney•Pixar films. Read More

Ricky Nierva

Ricky Nierva joined Pixar Animation Studios in May 1997. He began with the animation team as a visual development artist and did additional storyboarding on “Toy Story 2.” He was the lead character designer for “Monster's Inc.” and was awarded an Annie Award as the character art director for the Academy Award® winning feature “Finding Nemo.” Read More

Bob Pauley

Bob Pauley first joined Pixar Animation Studios in 1993 at the beginning of production on “Toy Story,” the studio’s first feature film, as a character designer and sketch artist. During the production of “Toy Story,” he contributed some of the most formative and iconic character design work on Buzz Lightyear. Following “Toy Story,” Pauley served as art director on “A Bug’s Life” and a production designer on “Monster’s, Inc.” Read More

Steve Pilcher

Steve Pilcher joined Pixar Animation Studios in July 2005 as a production designer. Pilcher worked briefly on the Academy Award® winning film “WALL•E,” before moving full-time onto another Oscar-winning,“Brave.” Pilcher is currently working as producer designer on the upcoming feature “Finding Dory,” scheduled for release in June 2016. Born in Brockville, Ontario, Canada, Pilcher is a self-taught artist who began his career... Read More

Lou Romano

Lou Romano was born in San Diego, California. At an early age, he took an interest in drawing and studied theater arts, performing in plays throughout junior high and high schools. He went on to study animation at the California Institute of The Arts. Since then he has worked as an illustrator and designer on various projects including The Powerpuff Girls and The Iron Giant. Read More

Race at Thomasville Speedway

Garrett Taylor

Garrett Taylor joined Pixar Animation Studios as a set design intern on “Cars 2” in 2010 and was soon hired to do design wok on several Toons and TV specials, including the Toy Story Toon “Partysaurus Rex,” the Cars Toon “The Radiator Springs 500 ½” (for which Taylor also did graphic design) “Toy Story of TERROR!” and “Toy Story that Time Forgot” (on which he contributed to the graphics and character design). Read More