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Dice Tsutsumi

Art Director
Pixar Animation Studios

Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi joined Pixar Animation Studios in 2007 and has worked on the studio’s Academy Award® winning films “WALL•E” and “Toy Story 3.” Tsutsumi most recently contributed his talents as art director for Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University.” 

Initially lured to animation from academic oil painting field, Tsutsumi’s love of films developed through his relationships with talented coworkers and continuous opportunities to learn and develop his art skills.

In addition to his work with Pixar, Tsutsumi pursues his passion towards making a difference through art. He organized a charity auction campaign Totoro Forest Project in 2008 generating over $200,000 for Sayama Forest preservation effort in Japan. In 2011, his 5 year long project Sketchtravel involved 71 world renown artists through one original sketchbook which generated over $100,000 to build 5 children's libraries in the third world countries.

Prior to joining Pixar, Tsutsumi graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1998, and worked with Lucas Learning Ltd (George Lucas's children's game company) and Blue Sky Studios (“Ice Age,” “Robots,” “Horton Hears A Who”) as a concept artist. 

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Tsutsumi currently resides in Berkeley, CA.

Dice Tsutsumi Artwork